Marti Miller, MA

Pet Psychologist

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

Now serving Longmont!!


I am a Pet Psychologist. I  assist you to better understand what is going on with your animal companion. I am blessed with the ability to be the interpreter for your companion animals. I also use this gift with my pet sitting.

Marti in the news! Marti has been in the Austin American Statesman, The Daily Texan, The Denver Post, and many television and radio stations.  

After the loss of my beloved companions, Sadie and Abby, it took about six months before another little bundle came into my life.  Because we choose to love, we open our hearts and homes to other dogs and cats that need the same attention that the ones that left us.  Ziggy came into my life while I was at the Petsmart one Sunday afternoon. Someone came in wanting to find a new home for this little guy. She knew she couldn't care for this puppy that someone had given her because of her schedule.  I said I would take him and the rest is history. Ramon, pictured below, said it would be okay.

     Oh please, can I have the ball!!

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                      Ziggy letting mama have a sweet moment.

I have 20+ years of experience in animal medical care and hold a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. My father and grandfather were both veterinarians. I have followed in the family path of animal healing through merging my knowledge and experience to assist you in better understanding your companions and offering solutions that will make both your life and the life of your companion better. I specialize in health and behavior issues, as well as euthanasia decisions.*  I will also be your pet's medical advocate.  I will assist you in understanding what the veterinarian is saying about your companion animal. I have completed a course in dog training so that I may better assist with behavior issues.

I am contacted by people all over the world requesting consultations with their animals. A consultation consists of connecting with your animal companion through your description and your connection with your animal to help with solving a problem or concern that you may have about your animal companion.

In a session over the phone you will describe what the animal looks like physically. I am then able to connect with your animal. I ask permission to talk with the animal. When the animal is open to communication, I then receive information about what is going on. In a typical session, I am able to feel your animal emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Pet sitting is becoming a bigger part of my services. Because of my background in medicine, I am able to care for your elder or sick pet. If you have a pet that is needing a lot of extra care because of illness, I am able to provide that care so that you may get a break. I know what is it like to have a dog with cancer and it can be very draining both emotionally and physically.


*"I do not in any way diagnose, treat, correct, change, manipulate, relieve, or prevent disease, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical condition in animals. It is necessary to consult with a licensed Veterinarian."